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January 8, 2017
by eastern

Welcome 2017

Hey its new years and Eastern Inc, is back in business. I really wanted to talk about the fact that I am so excited for this new year because I discovered a new tool in self development and spirituality and its called ho’oponopono dr hew len and its an amazing tool to get rid of the chatters of the mind and limiting beliefs.

It has been an incredible tool in my life, simply stating the statements, I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, the divinity can take all your problems and whack them clean.

When you are dealing with so many things going on in life, our mind can get busy trying to manage and solve problems when really we just have to give it up to god. It has brought about new level of personal peace & freedom I never knew existed and I can’t wait till what 2017 has in store for me to continue my journey of spiritual evolution and taking one step into becoming free and zero.

I will catch you guys on the flip side!

March 10, 2015
by eastern

Planning for my friends birthday, Going Local


This blog is about reviewing local businesses, well my best friend is turning 28 next month and I want to surprise him with a birthday present or plan a cool event for him.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to find new local businesses to work together to come with an event that will be memorable for everyone involved.

I thought about various ideas for Birthday day event, let me know if you know of any other:

  • Bowling Alley
  • Movie Tickets
  • Limousine Service to Bars and Clubs
  • Bar Crawl at our College Campus
  • Go to concert (if there are any on that day)
  • Visit friend’s place in Chicago

Just thinking about these events does make me excited for next month. This is one of my best friends from childhood and me and her grew up together, going to the same pre-school all the way up to college. It is truly been an incredibly long relationship that has been incredible. Me and her are like sisters, and we share our deepest secret to each other. We know what each others’ dislike and likes are to the minute details.

This is why I think she will really like either a bar crawl at our college campus or if we can get some other friends to come and chip in with me, I think getting a limo service to bars and clubs will be ideal and most fun. As I wrote about few posts back, I had a fantastic time with a company in Macomb, I thought their vehicles were great and they truly did a Fantastic job. Now this party will not take place in Macomb County though but Oakland County as my friend lives in West Bloomfield and we would probably like to go to Elektricity night club in Pontiac or bars in East Lansing as we went to Michigan State. I talked to the owner of Macomb Limos and he told me he has few other offices, and one office in Bloomfield Hills!

This was great to hear as I love to support 1 business owner over and over again after they showed me great service. So I will definitely check out the Bloomfield limos and now I just have to talk to few friends of mine to figure out our budget and see what type of vehicle we can get for my friends birthday.

I would like something unique like a pink limo or party bus. That would be awesome, just all girlfriends going out partying with pink rides. I smile just at the thought of it.

So I want to express again how great of a feeling it is to get to know local business owners and having them hook you up with better deals and it’s great to have them work out things to your specific needs!

My problem was that I needed a limo service in West Bloomfield! and what do you know. He says “No Problem! We have an office in Bloomfield Hills!”

How perfect is that!!

I will report if we order this limo service and let you know how it goes. Not only is it exciting to get a limo for my best friend’s birthday but I can’t wait to experience the same company’s service again and then write a blog review post on it!


March 9, 2015
by eastern

Eastern Inc Background and Why I love to do Reviews

local business

In this quick blog post I want to talk about the background behind Eastern Inc and the intentions behind it. You see when I was young my father was a business owner of a local leather shoe store. He worked very hard and I used to remember being inside his leather workshop as he was tanning the hide many times over and making beautiful leather shoes. I loved his leather shoes and I thought they were the greatest in the world but I would always feel that the customers weren’t coming in and my father I could tell even though I was young was struggling to maintain the business. I never dared to ask him about the business because even though I was little I did not want to embarass him. So we would talk and I would play with his leather and various tools in the shed and he would tell me all kinds of stories about life and his childhood while I listened to him intently.

but I could always sense a bit of sadness in him because his business was struggling and I would sometimes hear fights from my mom and dad about being able to pay the next rent or electric bill. From early on I was feeling that small business owners are great people but just being a good person doesn’t make it in the business world.

As I approached college and into adulthood I always had a passion of helping local businesses. Whether that be my inceesant choice to always shop local even if it was less convenient or out of the way or my fervent efforts to tell friends and family about great new local stores I was finding. I always wanted to look to local store owners to solve my needs and problems.


And I loved this approach because over the years I have developed great relationship with the local store owners and they always give me great service and product. There was this one incident,, a store owner of a meat shop had Fillet Mignon that came in from Japan that was quite expensive meat. I was in the store to buy some sausages for my mother’s stew. He knew I had referred people to the store and I kept coming in to the store most weeks to buy something from him and he knew me for months at this point by my first name because of my frequent visit. At the cash register when I was going to check out the sausage and I was telling him about my recent school project, he gave me a present and it was the steak from Japan that was so expensive. Now I do not come from a wealthy background so I never tasted meat so good as this.

This is an event I will remember forever and I really begin to grow my passion towards helping local businesses.

I want to reach out to the local community and provide real value to them as they are the hardest working people out there and I just wish to be able to give back and support them. Hopefully through this blog I will be able to refer more customers to these awesome people. Just like how my dad was struggling with his business even though he had a solid product, people just didn’t know about the leather company.’

THe problem is not the product but marketing and exposure of the product. My goal and dream is to create a great wonderful blog that gets tons of Michigan buyers looking to find a great local business in their area.


February 23, 2015
by eastern

Sterling Heights Towing Company with Great Customer Care


Eastern Inc will now review a tow truck company in Sterling Heights, MI.

So me and my friends were driving around Macomb County last weekend just because we had nothing better to do. We decided to get some Pho on John R. Rd and take detour down to Van Dyke in Sterling Heights to get some coffee from Star Bucks.

We talked inside that Starbucks for hours and we decided to leave, when we got back into the car we realized that the battery was dead. So we decided to call for a local tow truck company to get us back on the road. We called and found few tow truck companies but picked one that was local, Sterling Heights Towing and we decided to give them holler.

The owner was very friendly and they arrived within 20 min to jump our car which was awesome! The tow driver was also very polite and jumped our car within minutes. He gave us a price of only $50 which was surely a relief.

I know last year in Macomb Township I was quoted like $80 to get a battery jumped. That was simply awful to spend that much to get battery jumped and I regretted getting towing service ever since, and I wished I asked a stranger to help jump my car.

This time it was definately the right decision to ask a local tow truck company because it was really cold out and we just didn’t wanna bother with trying to figure it out ourselves. Times like this its really nice to have professionals just come in and do the job as efficiently as possible.

Here’s few things I really love about this company.

  1. How they handled customer on the phone. They were polite, direct, and appeared as authority and someone I can trust
  2. How they provided immediate assistance. We feel that this is critical for any tow truck company
  3. How they give great prices. Look we understand businesses need to make their money but there is something noble about providing a fair quote instead of trying to make as much money as possible per transaction

I know there is not much but here are some pointers I would give to this company to improve

  1. Creating a website to build a brand name around
  2. Ask customers to give surveys about their service or ask customers if they were satisfied to leave customer satisfaction reviews on the Google + page.


It is always a relief to find a really trustworthy local business and this one was no different. Especially when it comes to towing and dealing with customers that are in dire situations it is really a great thing to get saved by a company that has great intentions.

All in all, we really enjoyed this company’s towing service and will recommend to other friends and family to use them every time.

Thank for everything.


February 20, 2015
by eastern

The Intention Behind Eastern Inc

Happy owner of a café showing open sign

We at Eastern Inc is in the business of helping local business.

We want to give all these wonderful local businesses a great opportunity to have a wonderful review online. So that more customer can know about it. There is always the next great local business that is coming up in the works and having a story to tell.

We are the vehicle that allows local business to tell their story.

Where they came from. What they did in the past. What hurdles did they get past and how they grew from the experience. Local businesses know the local area and the people, so they have more heart when they do their business.

We build authority content here at Eastern Inc. We want our customers know that we care. We give the best reviews and rave about customers so that we can tell them how much they are appreciated it. This is where we bring heart to the business and only way to do so is to get customers in the door and we give them all that they deserve. This is part of the reason why the results we provide speak for themselves.

When local businesses has heart, they give with great abundance. They are wonderful people and they give great service because they love to please the people.

So this is our deal and this is what gives us joy in life.

We want to show you what great local business are in your area, so next time you visit a local restaurant, pub, limousine, taxi, carpet cleaner, or others we will give you the best possible option.

We are like Yelp but on a more personable level because we actually sit down with business owners and talk over coffee.

Best Wishes,

-Eastern Inc

February 18, 2015
by eastern

Limousine Company in Macomb County


Today I would like to review one business owner’s limousine company in Macomb County.

He has been doing this business for 10 years and has gotten better at it over the years. One of things I started noticing was that he would make sure he had all new vehicles by trading in the old and getting new ones.

This made sure that his clients were riding in the newest models which obviously is a nice thing when ordering limo service for any event.

The other thing he improved on was that he fine tuned what his clients needed for weddings, bachelor, anniversaries and began tailoring his vehicles and service towards those events.

Customers love being able to have something that is customized to them.

In this way he is meeting the specific needs of each customer, now that is true customer satisfaction.

I also like the fact that he personally speaks with his customers, to ensure they are well taken care of. This gives the feeling of family operated and family owned business that is likely to be cherished for years to come.

We are finding out that more and more customers are going to local businesses for services, because we are now aware of big corporations and how they do business with much less heart, more standardized way of providing cookie cut service. Corporations like big Walmart although people go because of low price. For a limousine service, people like something that is of high quality.

What I like do now is to go through some points they could improve on.

  1. Faster response time to email leads: This is always a struggle for business owners because they are busy and it may take few weeks to months before they can handle and give quote out from the email leads they receive, at which point customer has already moved on to competition.
  2. More Enthusiasm on the Phone: Being more energetic on the phone goes a long ways, in leaving customer an image about the company. Is this company excited to serve me? Is this company able to provide the best limo service I can buy?
  3. Customer Feedback Survey: Reaching out to customers and getting their feedback is another important factor and building a lasting business.

All in all my friend’s company Macomb Limos is fantastic, certainly the best in Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Warren, Troy area.

For those of you that want to get reviews like this please let us know

Visit our contact page.


February 17, 2015
by eastern

Eastern INC

Eastern Inc is a company that takes a look at local businesses and how well they are performing in the current market place.

We look at customer service, quality of service, and how well they listen to customer needs and provide something of real value.

We would like to review your company today. if you would like a company review give us an email is eaterninc101@gmail.com

We are taking applicants today to provide great review for your business. And we will do a great job at giving you proper 3rd party assessment.

This way you will know how to improve your business and service for 2015 and get you to the next level you deserve.

This will be something that will be beneficial for both parties involved.


Eastern Inc