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Today I would like to review one business owner’s limousine company in Macomb County.

He has been doing this business for 10 years and has gotten better at it over the years. One of things I started noticing was that he would make sure he had all new vehicles by trading in the old and getting new ones.

This made sure that his clients were riding in the newest models which obviously is a nice thing when ordering limo service for any event.

The other thing he improved on was that he fine tuned what his clients needed for weddings, bachelor, anniversaries and began tailoring his vehicles and service towards those events.

Customers love being able to have something that is customized to them.

In this way he is meeting the specific needs of each customer, now that is true customer satisfaction.

I also like the fact that he personally speaks with his customers, to ensure they are well taken care of. This gives the feeling of family operated and family owned business that is likely to be cherished for years to come.

We are finding out that more and more customers are going to local businesses for services, because we are now aware of big corporations and how they do business with much less heart, more standardized way of providing cookie cut service. Corporations like big Walmart although people go because of low price. For a limousine service, people like something that is of high quality.

What I like do now is to go through some points they could improve on.

  1. Faster response time to email leads: This is always a struggle for business owners because they are busy and it may take few weeks to months before they can handle and give quote out from the email leads they receive, at which point customer has already moved on to competition.
  2. More Enthusiasm on the Phone: Being more energetic on the phone goes a long ways, in leaving customer an image about the company. Is this company excited to serve me? Is this company able to provide the best limo service I can buy?
  3. Customer Feedback Survey: Reaching out to customers and getting their feedback is another important factor and building a lasting business.

All in all my friend’s company Macomb Limos is fantastic, certainly the best in Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Warren, Troy area.

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