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The Intention Behind Eastern Inc


Happy owner of a café showing open sign

We at Eastern Inc is in the business of helping local business.

We want to give all these wonderful local businesses a great opportunity to have a wonderful review online. So that more customer can know about it. There is always the next great local business that is coming up in the works and having a story to tell.

We are the vehicle that allows local business to tell their story.

Where they came from. What they did in the past. What hurdles did they get past and how they grew from the experience. Local businesses know the local area and the people, so they have more heart when they do their business.

We build authority content here at Eastern Inc. We want our customers know that we care. We give the best reviews and rave about customers so that we can tell them how much they are appreciated it. This is where we bring heart to the business and only way to do so is to get customers in the door and we give them all that they deserve. This is part of the reason why the results we provide speak for themselves.

When local businesses has heart, they give with great abundance. They are wonderful people and they give great service because they love to please the people.

So this is our deal and this is what gives us joy in life.

We want to show you what great local business are in your area, so next time you visit a local restaurant, pub, limousine, taxi, carpet cleaner, or others we will give you the best possible option.

We are like Yelp but on a more personable level because we actually sit down with business owners and talk over coffee.

Best Wishes,

-Eastern Inc

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