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Sterling Heights Towing Company with Great Customer Care



Eastern Inc will now review a tow truck company in Sterling Heights, MI.

So me and my friends were driving around Macomb County last weekend just because we had nothing better to do. We decided to get some Pho on John R. Rd and take detour down to Van Dyke in Sterling Heights to get some coffee from Star Bucks.

We talked inside that Starbucks for hours and we decided to leave, when we got back into the car we realized that the battery was dead. So we decided to call for a local tow truck company to get us back on the road. We called and found few tow truck companies but picked one that was local, Sterling Heights Towing and we decided to give them holler.

The owner was very friendly and they arrived within 20 min to jump our car which was awesome! The tow driver was also very polite and jumped our car within minutes. He gave us a price of only $50 which was surely a relief.

I know last year in Macomb Township I was quoted like $80 to get a battery jumped. That was simply awful to spend that much to get battery jumped and I regretted getting towing service ever since, and I wished I asked a stranger to help jump my car.

This time it was definately the right decision to ask a local tow truck company because it was really cold out and we just didn’t wanna bother with trying to figure it out ourselves. Times like this its really nice to have professionals just come in and do the job as efficiently as possible.

Here’s few things I really love about this company.

  1. How they handled customer on the phone. They were polite, direct, and appeared as authority and someone I can trust
  2. How they provided immediate assistance. We feel that this is critical for any tow truck company
  3. How they give great prices. Look we understand businesses need to make their money but there is something noble about providing a fair quote instead of trying to make as much money as possible per transaction

I know there is not much but here are some pointers I would give to this company to improve

  1. Creating a website to build a brand name around
  2. Ask customers to give surveys about their service or ask customers if they were satisfied to leave customer satisfaction reviews on the Google + page.


It is always a relief to find a really trustworthy local business and this one was no different. Especially when it comes to towing and dealing with customers that are in dire situations it is really a great thing to get saved by a company that has great intentions.

All in all, we really enjoyed this company’s towing service and will recommend to other friends and family to use them every time.

Thank for everything.


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