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In this quick blog post I want to talk about the background behind Eastern Inc and the intentions behind it. You see when I was young my father was a business owner of a local leather shoe store. He worked very hard and I used to remember being inside his leather workshop as he was tanning the hide many times over and making beautiful leather shoes. I loved his leather shoes and I thought they were the greatest in the world but I would always feel that the customers weren’t coming in and my father I could tell even though I was young was struggling to maintain the business. I never dared to ask him about the business because even though I was little I did not want to embarass him. So we would talk and I would play with his leather and various tools in the shed and he would tell me all kinds of stories about life and his childhood while I listened to him intently.

but I could always sense a bit of sadness in him because his business was struggling and I would sometimes hear fights from my mom and dad about being able to pay the next rent or electric bill. From early on I was feeling that small business owners are great people but just being a good person doesn’t make it in the business world.

As I approached college and into adulthood I always had a passion of helping local businesses. Whether that be my inceesant choice to always shop local even if it was less convenient or out of the way or my fervent efforts to tell friends and family about great new local stores I was finding. I always wanted to look to local store owners to solve my needs and problems.


And I loved this approach because over the years I have developed great relationship with the local store owners and they always give me great service and product. There was this one incident,, a store owner of a meat shop had Fillet Mignon that came in from Japan that was quite expensive meat. I was in the store to buy some sausages for my mother’s stew. He knew I had referred people to the store and I kept coming in to the store most weeks to buy something from him and he knew me for months at this point by my first name because of my frequent visit. At the cash register when I was going to check out the sausage and I was telling him about my recent school project, he gave me a present and it was the steak from Japan that was so expensive. Now I do not come from a wealthy background so I never tasted meat so good as this.

This is an event I will remember forever and I really begin to grow my passion towards helping local businesses.

I want to reach out to the local community and provide real value to them as they are the hardest working people out there and I just wish to be able to give back and support them. Hopefully through this blog I will be able to refer more customers to these awesome people. Just like how my dad was struggling with his business even though he had a solid product, people just didn’t know about the leather company.’

THe problem is not the product but marketing and exposure of the product. My goal and dream is to create a great wonderful blog that gets tons of Michigan buyers looking to find a great local business in their area.


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