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Planning for my friends birthday, Going Local



This blog is about reviewing local businesses, well my best friend is turning 28 next month and I want to surprise him with a birthday present or plan a cool event for him.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to find new local businesses to work together to come with an event that will be memorable for everyone involved.

I thought about various ideas for Birthday day event, let me know if you know of any other:

  • Bowling Alley
  • Movie Tickets
  • Limousine Service to Bars and Clubs
  • Bar Crawl at our College Campus
  • Go to concert (if there are any on that day)
  • Visit friend’s place in Chicago

Just thinking about these events does make me excited for next month. This is one of my best friends from childhood and me and her grew up together, going to the same pre-school all the way up to college. It is truly been an incredibly long relationship that has been incredible. Me and her are like sisters, and we share our deepest secret to each other. We know what each others’ dislike and likes are to the minute details.

This is why I think she will really like either a bar crawl at our college campus or if we can get some other friends to come and chip in with me, I think getting a limo service to bars and clubs will be ideal and most fun. As I wrote about few posts back, I had a fantastic time with a company in Macomb, I thought their vehicles were great and they truly did a Fantastic job. Now this party will not take place in Macomb County though but Oakland County as my friend lives in West Bloomfield and we would probably like to go to Elektricity night club in Pontiac or bars in East Lansing as we went to Michigan State. I talked to the owner of Macomb Limos and he told me he has few other offices, and one office in Bloomfield Hills!

This was great to hear as I love to support 1 business owner over and over again after they showed me great service. So I will definitely check out the Bloomfield limos and now I just have to talk to few friends of mine to figure out our budget and see what type of vehicle we can get for my friends birthday.

I would like something unique like a pink limo or party bus. That would be awesome, just all girlfriends going out partying with pink rides. I smile just at the thought of it.

So I want to express again how great of a feeling it is to get to know local business owners and having them hook you up with better deals and it’s great to have them work out things to your specific needs!

My problem was that I needed a limo service in West Bloomfield! and what do you know. He says “No Problem! We have an office in Bloomfield Hills!”

How perfect is that!!

I will report if we order this limo service and let you know how it goes. Not only is it exciting to get a limo for my best friend’s birthday but I can’t wait to experience the same company’s service again and then write a blog review post on it!


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